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Zinny is an app that can test, fix, and boost your smartphone and Internet


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Zinny – Phone Diagnostic & Internet Speed Test

One-stop app for your smartphone

Zinny, Your Smartphone Genie, is a professional all-in-one app that helps people with everything they need when it comes to their phone, like phone diagnostic, internet speed test and more

It allows users to perform detailed phone diagnostic, including individual hardware check, historical evolution, and troubleshoot advises.

For connectivity it offers both internet speed test, enhanced with Wi-Fi and Cellular parameters, both historical and in real-time.

Remote phone and internet diagnostic for you friends and family.

Help the ones you love from the comfort of your home. You can check the phone vitals, settings, and connectivity remotely anytime.
Have issues with your phone or internet, but don’t know how to fix it? Just share a secure link with the Service or Customer Care team, and receive an accurate solution. No need for frustrating technical conversation.

Custom Dashboard

Create your personal app dashboard with your most important phone and internet parameters.

35+ phone hardware tests

Phone Check: Professional and user-friendly smartphone tests

60+ hardware specs, values, and settings

Phone vitals: real-time and historical hardware analytics; insights, articles, and repair solutions.

15+ Internet speed test, parameters and settings

Test your internet connection and find out the root cause for bad performance.


Enhance your phone performance with memory cleaner; fix your OLED scree or clean your speaker after water contact.

Remote phone & internet diagnostic

Offer smart and accurate solutions for your friends and family, when they are in trouble with their phone.

Zinny - Phone specs

Additional Features

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Test your phone like a Pro

After a phone drop or contact with water is highly recommended to perform a complete phone diagnostic
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Detailed hardware specs & status

Check every phone component, in real-time and historically, to discover hidden phone issues.
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Internet speed test and diagnostic

Test your internet speed and check the Wi-Fi or cellular signal strength to find out the cause of poor performance.

Phone Boost & Fix

Enjoy a rich toolbox for your phone, including Performance Boost, Screen Fix, Speaker Cleaner, and Remote phone diagnostic for your friends & family.

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